In 2012 some more flying circus girls showed up and they were joined by running dogs. I wanted to create some ‘portraits’ using stamps which i carved out of styrofoam trays (the kind the grocery store sells meat on).

stamp of woman's faceHere’s one of the stamps I made. This stamp was used in “the oven door” which you can see below. Of course, the woman’s face is turning the other way in the finished piece, which is the nature of the printing process. You have to design things in reverse. I love the look of things when they are ‘translated’ this way through some other medium (i.e. the styro stamp). It’s indirect but has an immediacy too, an odd juuxtaposition.

These stamped portraits are a precursor to the painted portraits I did in 2013. Sometimes we can see what’s coming, but only in hindsight.