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2015 was a momentous year for me, one which embodied the spirit of nothing ventured, nothing gained. I wrote and performed a new one-woman memoir-infused show called Seriously Funny Girl and self-published a book leash cover - 72 dpicalled The Path of Leash Resistance featuring a posse of my favorite dog works.

In between projects, I managed to get a few things done in the painting department, where canines continued to hold sway. For heaven’s sake, even a few cats made an appearance. Talk about going to the dark side.

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Late in the year, in response to the cry heard so often emanating from over-achieving women friends, I created the “Post Menopausal Juggler not giving a shit”. The piece was such a hit during the Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour, I was compelled to create it as a card so that women everywhere could have their very own post-menopausal juggler not giving a shit.