Available Paintings

“hindsight” mixed media on varnished matboard, 13×20″,  $700
I have a marvelous collection of found photos from the 1930s to the 1970s, and I cannibalized one of them for ‘hindsight’. In the original photo, this couple are standing near one another in somebody’s backyard. For some reason (Freud anyone?) I decided to place them in such a way that some kind of dissention seems to be operating between them.

I love highways, whether I am on one of them or not, and I wanted this woman to be heading out. Of course, no woman of proper breeding would set off without her purse, let along luggage. But there you have it.

All available works are originals with minds of their own, sort of like me. If you see something you like, call today (25O 247-73O8) or email me. Operators are standing by. Okay…so really, it’s just me.

E-transfer is preferred by I also accept Visa and Mastercard. I can ship anywhere the crow flies, or any bird of reasonable facsimile.