Available Paintings

“what a dog hears” diptych, mixed media on panels, 6×6″ each,  $250 for pair
I love working with ‘found’ vintage photos, and this fellow called out to me as the kind of man who would be very serious when commanding his dog to do something. Except that, “blah blah blah” is pretty much what the dog hears. The dog piece is a reproduction of an original painting of mine from a few years back.

Here’s what they look like together. They can be hung on the wall or they can sit (and stay) on any flat surface.

All available works are originals with minds of their own, sort of like me. If you see something you like, call today (25O 247-73O8) or email me. Operators are standing by. Okay…so really, it’s just me.

Visa and Mastercard Accepted and I can ship anywhere the crow flies, or any bird of reasonable facsimile.