Solo Exhibitions

2011 Diehl Gallery, Jackson WY USA
2009 Diehl Gallery, Jackson, WY, USA
2009 Artworks, Gabriola BC
2009 Agnes Bugera, Edmonton AB
2008 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008 Meyer Gallery, Park City Utah
2008 Wallace Gallery, Calgary AB
2007 Diehl Gallery, Jackson Hole WY
2007 Meyer Gallery, Park City Utah
2006 Agnes Bugera, Edmonton AB
2006 Meyer Gallery, Park City Utah, USA
2005 Nanaimo Art Gallery, BC
2005 Wallace Gallery, Calgary AB
2004 Agnes Bugera, Edmonton AB
2004 Ingram Gallery, Toronto ON
2004 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC
2003 Wallace Gallery, Calgary, AB
2003 AGGV, Victoria BC
2002 Agnes Bugera, Edmonton AB
2002 Ingram Gallery, Toronto Ontario
2002 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC
2001 Wallace Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2000 Atelier Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1998 Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria BC
1997 Vancouver Art Gallery (Art Rental), Vancouver BC
1997 Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Art Rental), Victoria BC
1995 Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver BC
1994 Barton Leier Gallery, Victoria BC
1994 The Doctor Vigari Gallery, Vancouver BC
1992 Bridge Street Gallery, Vancouver BC
1991 Nunavut Gallery, Victoria BC
1989 Appreciations Art Centre, Victoria BC
1988 Beatrice Jumpsen Gallery, Victoria BC


    Group Exhibitions

2013  “THREE” , Artworks, Gabriola Island BC
2012  “Best in Show”, Lanoue Fine Art, Boston MA
2011  Storytelling, Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton AB

2010  Rare Birds, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria BC
2010  Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2010  3-Squared, Canada House, Banff AB
2008, Wallace Gallery, Calgary AB
2006 “Six by Two”, Ingram, Toronto ON
2005 Diehl Gallery, Jackson, Wyoming
2004 Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2004 Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo BC
2003 Canada House, Banff AB
2001 Canada House, Banff AB
1999 Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria BC
1998 Diana Paul Gallery, Calgary AB
1998 House of Mirrors, Vancouver BC
1998 Selfish Slaves of ‘Zines and Animation, Toronto ON
1997 Two Person Show Horizon Galleries, Vancouver BC
1997 4th International Conference of the Visual Arts, Vancouver BC
1996 Floorcloths Barton Leier Gallery, Victoria BC
1996 50 Years: 50 Objects Community Arts Council, Vancouver BC
1994 Work in Progress, Window Art Gallery, Vancouver BC
1993 WomanSpeak,Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster BC
1993 Three Gals Pressing On Barton Leier Gallery, Victoria BC
1993 The Coast is Queer Community Arts Council,Vancouver BC
1990 Tsitika Valley/Robson Bight Exhibition, Vancouver BC


A Lovin’ Spoonful, Vancouver BC
Alberta Futurewest, Calgary AB
Arbutus Society for Children, Victoria BC
BC Women’s Hospital, Vancouver BC
Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, BC
Fairmont Hotels, Toronto ON
Fortis, Calgary AB
Genesis Oil and Gas, Calgary AB

JJ Barnicke, Calgary AB
Mcleod & Company, Calgary AB
Marquis Wine Cellars, Vancouver BC
Ronald McDonald House, Calgary AB
Shanghai Duolun Modern Art Museum, Shanghai China
Tundra Explorations, Calgary AB
TWC Corporation, Calgary AB
Vancouver General Hospital Foundation, Vancouver BC
Westin Hotels, Whistler BC

(for selected excerpts see Press Here)

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Storm Clouds Over Party Shoes: Etiquette Problems for the Ill-Bred Woman, (Raincoast, 1997, 78 pages, $18.95)