My memoir has been writing itself for at least 25 years. After many abandoned attempts to commit the thing to paper, as well as a spate of confessional one-woman performances, and a half a dozen writers’ retreats one of which involved an overnight greyhound bus ride to Saskatoon, I finally wrestled my self-reflective ducks into a row long enough to produce If You Are Reading This.

The book is a collection of essays, some as short as one page, covering a wide swath of territory. Making appearances are childhood trauma, World War II, the lesbian night owl (world famous oxymoron), God, false teeth, feminism, lady painters, Santa Claus, and a funny bone that has stood the test of both time and trouble.

Here’s what they are saying:
“stupendous, a beautifully crafted life story…”
“devastating and witty…smooth like Noel Coward”
The line between the trauma and heartache and the humour is such a fine one. You somehow managed to artfully ride that line, pluck on my own family issues to the point of rawness then have me laughing out loud before I knew it… a breathtaking accomplishment.”

If you’d like a copy, you can buy the book ($22 plus gst) at Page’s Marina or Wishbone Specialty Foods and Gifts on Gabriola, or from me directly at or 250.47.7308. The book is also in the Vancouver Island Library system.
I am girlcotting Amazon.

Here are a few short audio clips: