Does creativity have an expiry date?
How does an artist keep her engine running while waiting out a pandemic?
In OLD DOG NEW TRICKS, self-taught 74 year-old artist, writer, and feminist comic (not as oxymoronic as you’d think), Sheila Norgate lays bare her creative practice as it meanders from paint to memoir to performance to videography and back again. Grapple along with her as she struggles to distinguish an authentic calling from one concocted by her ego. Find out what is possible if we resist the urge to fold up our creative tents and instead, show up over and over again in front of that difficult mirror, to ask what our muses – not our retirement fund – want from us.


Sheila Norgate’s Old Dog/ New Tricks is a masterclass in purposeful artistic evolution. She shows that becoming is not an accidental arrangement of genes responding to specific environments- but a cognitive assessment at every step. She shows that congruency can have haphazard beginnings.

A profound, devastating, and hilarious retrospective of more than 40 years of artistic and social activism.

Fearless and timeless. Norgate’s voice continues to shake the establishment and all the rest of us out of our complacency. Thank goodness.

Norgate draws draw back the curtain and lets us see what we cannot name … and she does it with wisdom, courage, and love.