Chin Straps

chi n straps poster

Are you wondering how best to manage the plethora of chins you’ve acquired in the past few years? Are your hands too fat; your legs bowed; your arms podgy and unsightly? Is your nose no longer firm and slender? Do your lips droop? Is your head not well-rounded at the back?

These are just some of the female corporeal tribulations that the Ladies Institute for Endless Rectification (LIFER) has been working hard to resolve. Using the very latest pseudo-science, the Institute – devoted to the advancement of women’s self-scrutiny – is proud to present this ground-breaking show. It’s guaranteed to fix what was never broke and maybe even some things that are.

If you are a woman in a body, then this show is for you.


What They are Saying:
“I laughed till I wept and I wept because for the last century and long before, women haven’t been able to be who they are. They’ve needed fixing: longer eyelashes, fewer wrinkles, more hand positions (!), fewer freckles… all order of “rectification”. And the past is not even the past. These ideas are still with us, of course. Chin Straps made me laugh. It has also made me more vigilant. Let’s just be who we are. Quit worrying about our figures and faces, and get on with…oh, say, world peace. Sheila Norgate is a great teacher and the medium for her message is humour.”  Shelagh Rogers, Canadian radio broadcaster currently host of CBC Radio One’s “The Last Chapter”