In this short video, homemaker and cultural doyenne Mrs. Frank Hokum makes a rare visit to the studio of working artist Ms. Denise Tierney and proceeds to ask a series of difficult questions and deliver inappropriate comments that strike at the very heart of bad taste.
Ms. Tierney just won an Award of Excellence at the Ladysmith Fine Art Show. Her amazing work can be seen at

Women are getting angrier according to the BBC after they analyzed 10 years’ worth of data collected from the World Gallop poll. Geeze, I wonder what that could be about???

The 1950s game show “What’s My Line” gets a makeover in “What’s My Whine”



From the entirely bogus Institute for Advanced Studies in Feminist Humour:


Mrs. Frank Hokum with an important message on International Women’s Day, March 8 2022:


Here are 4 audio clips of me reading from my new memoir:


FEM NOIR The Video Series
In 2019 I presented a strongly feminist performance piece called FEM NOIR. When public audiences were banned due to COVID, I decided to funnel my feminist fire into short (around 2 minutes) videos which can be watched from the comfort/discomfort of your home. 


In the eery, early days of COVID19 lockdown, I produced a series of short comedic videos. Watch them here.


This preview is for my latest multi-media performance piece – FEM NOIR
Click here for more info.


In 2018, I gave a talk at an art show called FORK OFF: Animals, Art and Advocacy about my journey to plant-based eating and how my little dog Rosie changed my life.


This is a SHAW TV interview from July 2015, about my studio practice and my new book “The Path of Leash Resistance”


Here’s the wacky trailer for my 2013 Fringe hit, Lesbian Etiquette. It was produced by the brilliant and eclectic, Jules Molloy.
Caution. may contain scenes involving a bad wig and smoking.

I am very proud and honoured to have been invited to deliver a TEDx talk in March 2013.

This is a studio interview from 2012 by business coach and entrepreneur, Barbara Sundquist.

This little video was produced in 2012 for the Gabriola Arts Council by the very talented Jules Molloy.